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Home Staging Workshop for Homeowners

I attended a staging workshop presented by Polished Pillars Staging in Feb. 2017. The workshop was organized, concise, and very informative. I learned more precisely what home staging entails and how it can be beneficial in marketing and selling a home. Several useful tips were given that homeowners can do themselves to make their home more attractive, as well as helpful advice on how to look at your home through potential buyers' eyes. This workshop is valuable to anyone getting ready to sell a home!

— Kim D., Mason

Vacant Staging

I am the Realtor who listed this property. I saw the house when renovations were complete and then again after staging. I was truly amazed at the difference. I can confidently say that my seller received more and better offers on the house than they would have if it had not been staged so well. I am sold on Polished Pillars and I will l recommend Patti to all of my sellers.

— Myrna G., Beavercreek

Home Staging Workshop for Homeowners

Excellent! It was so helpful. Patti is very knowledgeable in her field. She presented the material in way the kept my interest and gave me ideas I would have never thought of. I feel more confident and prepared!

— Lisa W., Bellbrook

Home Staging Workshop for Homeowners

Patti provided an information-filled seminar on all the do's and don'ts when it comes to home staging. She also provided some eye-opening statistics on the proven value of home staging. I think the most compelling statistic is that a staging service costs LESS than the 1st price reduction when a home doesn't sell. Add in the increased carrying costs of utilities, insurance, property taxes and professional staging becomes a no-brainer for a swift, more profitable sale. I would highly recommend Patti and Polished Pillars Staging to anyone.

— Christine W., Springboro

Staging-To-Sell Consultation and Vacant Staging

My husband and his siblings inherited the family home several years ago. It was used as a rental for awhile and when the renters vacated, they left a house in shambles. We called upon Patti at Polished Pillars to help us define and focus on what would become an enormous 'flip'. Throughout the process she helped us with many challenging design problems such as installing French doors to give the future homeowner an awesome view of the 2 acre back yard, a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel and a plan to coordinate new flooring with wall color.

Once we were finished with the remodel we turned the house over to Patti to work her magic. And magic is just what she accomplished!! To say we were amazed at the transformation is an understatement. Patti took a blank and empty house and made it into a warm and welcoming home!

She used beautiful furnishings and each room was warm and inviting. Our house was listed on a Thursday and was under contract by Sunday. This was possible because of Patti and her incredible talent and vision.

We have no doubt that with Patti's expertise it increased the value of our house significantly.

Thanks Patti!

— Marian G., Beavercreek OH

Staging-to-Sell Consultation and Color Consultation

We were working to get our house ready for sale and were stumped on picking the right colors and layout of furniture to best show the house. Patti came for a consultation and helped us select the perfect paint colors for selling our home. She also walked each room and made a checklist of the items we needed to do to best showcase the rooms such as removing window coverings or even changing out light bulbs for a brighter and cleaner light. This consultation really took the guesswork out of staging our house to sell. We had our marching orders on what to do and then just had to get it done. Thanks to Patti's advice and checklist, our house was picture perfect when we went to sell. In fact, we accepted a full price offer the day we listed our house. We would highly recommend a consultation with Patti prior to selling to make the process easier and smoother even if you do not need staged furniture.

— Ashleigh F., CIncinnati

Color Consultation and Shopping Services

We are building a new house in Tennessee and trying to pull everything together has been completely overwhelming to me. I met with Patti today showing her what I had picked out so far in flooring and kitchen cabinets and having her help me pull it all together. Her knowledge of colors and professionalism was outstanding. She had so many insights and good ideas along with things I may want to avoid. She asked very thoughtful questions to help her determine what would work best for me. I was definitely going down the wrong path before I met with her and I know I would have regretted many of my decisions when I ended up with a disjointed look in our open floor plan house. Now I am excited about the new house rather than dreading trying to make another design decision on my own. I highly recommend Patti!

— Kim B., New Carlisle OH

Vacant Staging

Wow! I hired Patti after receiving negative reviews about my empty home that was for sale, she came up with a plan and staged it beautifully. The staging took my home from looking like a "Must Sell" to a house that had "Buy Me" written all over it. She staged it on a Monday and I had two offers by Thursday, one of them a full price offer! If your selling a home call Patti and get it staged, it is worth every penny!

— Nancy P., Beavercreek OH


Patti Robinson assisted me in getting my house ready to sell.  She came up with plans to update three of the bathrooms, staged the empty dining room and two bedrooms, redesigned the living room and master bedroom. Buyers were very impressed! 

— Doug T, Miamisburg OH

Staging Consultation

Patti has a remarkable eye to detail and she noticed many things that had slipped by all of us. Our house sold in just 11 showings and at closing the new owners remarked on what had appealed to them and in fact, most of their comments were directly related to the changes we made at Patti’s recommendation.

— Marian G., Kettering, Ohio

Relocation Planning and Services

I want to recommend Patti Robinson to everyone who is looking forward to a move. I do not think we could have made the move without her.

— Susan W., Xenia OH