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The End of Rose Gold?

Posted on: February 23, 2018
Tags: Color Selection, Decor, Interior Decorating, Home Decor, Metals, Rose Gold


It Began with Jewelry

Home design trends, like fashion trends, seem to change direction like the wind. I suspect that this isn't really the case, time just seems to fly by and we forget how long a favorite has actually been around. In the Midwest, trends arrive from the coasts at a slower rate and then stick around longer. Or maybe it's just me.

Real rose gold is created by combining real gold with copper alloy; the more copper allow, the deeper the color. It's been around since it was developed in 19th century Russia, when it was called Russian Gold. There was a resurgence in popularity in the mid-Victorian age and it first became popular in the US in the 1920's, when Cartier created the Trinity Band, a band of white, yellow and rose gold. Rose gold has been an option in jewelry since then.

Rose gold pen and journal with rose gold lettering

Popularity in Home Decor 

Rose gold has become even bigger in home decor because it can be represented in so many ways. Everything metal can be made to look like it, including lighting, handles, metal tables, letters on glass ware, you name it. Ceramics can also be glazed to look rose gold. You can count on rose gold spray paint to take care of anything not originally sporting the look.

What's not to like about the quiet comfort of rose gold?  It's romantic. It whispers to us to relax, read a book, take it easy. Let's consider another trend that's shared the stage with rose gold: fake fur pillows and throws. These two will be forever connected and often exist together to send the same message. 

Copper Cup with lime

Will Copper Overtake Rose Gold?

Lately there’s been talk of the reign of rose gold coming to an end, with copper waiting in the wings to take its place. While there are distinct similarities between the two warm metals, copper is more sedate and less showy than rose gold. It represents earthiness, not romance. While polished copper can almost rise meet the sheen of rose gold, many opt for a more authentic representation of it. Which brings me to the "why" of the rise of copper.

A deep blue green paint called Oceanside

Oceanside SW Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Back to Nature, Sort Of

The home decor trends of 2018 are moving toward more natural elements. We are seeing the rise of more stone, woven (think macrame) accents and artisan light fixtures, which are especially popular with the millennial's.

Another nod to this movement toward nature is the adoption of blue greens selected as Color of the Year 2018 by both Behr and Sherwin-Williams. 

Oceanside (SW 6496), Sherwn-Williams' selection, is a blue-green, bold and versatile enough to work well with almost every style. Behr's selection, In The Moment (T18-15), is a soothing blue-green that's also quite neutral and relaxing.

These colors are not considered "earthy" and we are not headed back to the burnt orange and olive green of the 1970's, thankfully. Even better news, rose gold decor looks great with these colors, so don't pack it away just yet.

Until next time, enjoy your home!